There are currently 3 types of Memberships:


Individual Memberships are $25 Annually


Individual Memberships are individuals who reside (rent or own) within the boundaries of the Leinkauf Historic district or own property within the District. Individual Members have all the rights and privileges of Membership and have one vote.


Business Memberships are $50 Annually


Business Memberships refer to any licensed business entity or organization that wishes to join LHDNO. A Business membership is allowed to fully participate in the proceedings of the Organization and have one vote.


Honorary Memberships are $35 Annually


Honorary Memberships are individuals 18 years of age or older who does not live within the boundaries of the Leinkauf Historic District but supports the goals and purposes of LHDNO. An Honorary Membership has no vote in the proceedings of the Organization but may fully participate in the proceedings of the Organization.


Lifetime Memberships for all three types of Membership are available at the prices listed below. Once a Lifetime Membership is purchased, no further dues are required to have the rights and privileges of that type of membership for life. Lifetime Memberships are not transferable.


Individual Lifetime Membership: $250


Business Lifetime Membership: $500


Honorary Lifetime Membership: $350


To become a member please complete the Membership Form, either the Online form or the PDF Manual Form, choosing the type of membership. Once you "Submit" the application you will receive a verification email from LHDNO . Either print the email or print the application prior to submitting, keeping a copy for yourself. When the submit button is pushed, you will then be sent to the PayPal website where there are several options for you to use to pay your dues. In addition to the online payment option, you may also mail your dues and application. See further details below on your options and thank you for becoming a member. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at leinkaufhdno@gmail.com.


1. PayPal: The most convenient and easiest way to pay your dues is to use the quick and safe PayPal Submit Button found at the bottom of the Membership Application.


First, complete your application below.

Second, click on the PayPal Submit button.  You will then be transfered to the Paypal website.

Third, on the PayPal website you can either use your existing PayPal account, create a new PayPal account, use your online bank or credit card account or use your credit/debit card.


It's free, its quick, and its safe. Once you pay you will receive an email from us verifying your Membership Form has been received and your dues have been paid.


2. Mail a check: Snail Mail still works. Click on the PDF Manual Form and complete the Membership information. Send this form along with your check made payable to LHDNO and mail it to:




P.O. Box 40091


Mobile, AL 36640


(Note: LHDNO is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your donations in the form of your dues payment may be tax deductible. Check with your tax expert for more details.)

Click PDF version of Membership Form to Print and manually complete.

Membership Forms


Online Form                                                                     PDF Manual Form

Click the Submit button above to send your information to us and be connected to Paypal to pay your dues. Thank you

If you would like a printed copy of your Membership Form, click the Print Form button before submitting.