Leinkauf Flag

Leinkauf Flag Reservation

You have probably noticed several of the green Leinkauf Historic District flags flying from several homes in our neighborhood. The flag helps to identify the historic district and helps to unite the Leinkauf neighborhood. Several years ago LHDNO ordered this emerald green flag using the same logo, designed by a Leinkauf resident, that you will find on the signs that hang on the historic lamppost on Government Street. The logo incorporates the brick entrances to the Leinkauf Elementary School and our beautiful oak trees.


If you would like to purchase a flag, please complete the reservation form found below.


In order to receive the quoted price ($60) from the vendor, we must have a minimum of 41 flags to be purchased. If you are a Member in Good Standing (having paid your current Dues), the quoted price of the flag with your 10% discount  is $54. (Please note this price includes  shipping and taxes and is for the flag only.)


Should we not get the required minimum order, we will contact the vendor with the number of reservations we do receive to see what they would charge us for that number.


Once we have a final number of flag reservations, we will contact you for your payment. All payments must be received prior to the order being placed.