2017 Dunkin' Donuts Proposed Location at Government and Dexter

February, 2017:

The Merrill P Thomas Group contacted the Board of Directors of LHDNO to inform them Dunkin' Donuts was proposing to build a restaurant site on the empty lots located at the intersection of Government Street and Dexter Street in the Leinkauf Historic District. The lots in question are 1465 and 1459 Government Street.


The sites developer has made a request to the Mobile Planning Commission to subdivide 1459 Government, rezone the newly subdivided Government frontage lot from its current R-3 (Multi-Family) to B-2 (commercial) and then merge the Government frontage of the current 1459 Government to the 1465 Government in a PUD (Planned Unit Development). Both lots would be zoned B-2.



Summary of Proposal:

Planned Unit Development to allow shared access and parking between two building sites. Rezoning from R-3, Multiple Family District, to B-2, Neighborhood Business District, to allow an ATM.

Please see plans below.


March 6, 2017

A Staff Report (Mobile Planning Commission Staff) consisting of recommendations to the full Planning Commission was issued. The recommendations were as follows:


  • Subdivision: Based upon the preceding, and with a waiver of Section V.D.2. of the Subdivision Regulations for lot width, the Subdivision request is recommended for Tentative Approval
  • Planned Unit Development: Based upon the preceding, the Planned Unit Development request is recommended for Denial
  • Rezoning: Based upon the preceding, the Rezoning request is recommended for Denial

Click here to read the Full Staff Report


March 7, 2017

(Click here for pdf of the PowerPoint presentation at the Residents Meeting showing the plans of the project.)

LHDNO held a Residents Meeting Tuesday, March 7 to explain the proposal to the neighborhood and receive feedback from the residents. Originally, the meeting was announced with the understanding that a representative of the developer would be present but given the Staff Report no one from the developer or Dunkin' Donuts was in attendance.

Many residents expressed several concerns about the project ranging from increased traffic problems, threats to oak trees, non-conforming building for historic district, drive-thru for both the restaurant and ATM, and many more.

 The general consensus at the meeting was the plan as submitted was not desirable and volunteers were requested to attend the March 9th Planning Meeting to voice opposition.


March 8, 2017

The developer notified the Board of Directors that as a result of the PUD and Rezoning denials by the Staff Report, that they were asking the Planning Commission to holdover the approval for the project to allow them time to make changes. The Planning Commission has the project on their March 9th agenda (see below) and has informed the developer that they must request a holdover in person. Even though the Staff Report is not favorable, the full Planning Commission has the authority to either abide by the Staff Report recommendations (most likely) or approve the project should the developer decide to go forward.



Thursday, March 9th

Mobile Planning Commission