Government/Dexter Street

Proposed Project

Please note, these are the results of a Residents Survey conducted in August of 2015 when the same developer, Merrill P Thomas, proposed another project on the same lot as the current Dunkin' Donuts project. Another survey will be conducted once a revised plan for the 2017 project is presented by the developer.


Results of  the

August, 2015 Residents Survey



The Board of Directors is pleased to provide you with the results of the survey that many Leinkauf residents and residents of the surrounding neighbors took to give input and suggestions on the proposed Government Street and Dexter Street project.


Merrill P Thomas, Inc decided not to go forward with the project in the aftermath of reviewing the survey. The survey revealed that the vast majority of Leinkauf residents did not want a project where there were so many unknowns, such as no known type of business or tenant for the project. The overwhelming majority of those participating in the survey would like to see a Casual dining restaurant at that location and absolutely do not want another drive through restaurant on Government Street.


The Board feels the response from the residents was a very positive response. As an organization , LHDNO, was able to quickly respond to a situation and make their desires and opinions known. As an outcome, we were able to prevent what might have been an undesirable development project and give feedback to the developer and any future developer that we as a neighborhood want to be and will be actively involved in any future project.


Please study the results of the survey by clicking the image to the right. Thanks goes out to all residents who participated.



Click the graph image below for the results of the August, 2015 Residents Survey.