The real work of LHDNO is done in committees that are made up of Members who have a special interest in what a particular committee does.


There are seven (7) standing committees created by the bylaws and from time to time other committees may by created if the Board feels it necessary.


Non-Board Members are eligible for all of the committees except the Executive Committee which is made up of the Elected Officers of the Board. The other six standing committees are open to all Members, with the Audit Committee and the Nominations and Elections Committee both requiring special appointment by the Board due to their specialized and sensitive nature.


Please contact us with any questions about committees.


Executive Committee


Publicity and Promotion Committee


Membership and Social Committee


Area Beautification Committee


Audit Committee


Finance and Planning Committee


Nominations and Elections Committee


Capital Improvement Committee

Capital Improvement Committee


The Capital Improvement Committee is a special committee authorized by the Board of Directors with the main purpose of identifying infrastructure deficiencies within the Leinkauf Historic District. Its members are volunteers who have a keen interest in improving the sidewalks, roadways, lighting, storm drainage and other vital  and necessary capital assets that make a neighborhood safe, healthy and a nice place to live. While the CIC is open to any Member who wishes to join, the Board of Directors are charged with attempting to place on the committee residents who represent all the parts of Leinkauf.


The Vice President will act as Co-Chair of the Committee with the Member Co-Chair being elected by the members of the committee.


The CIC will be charged to conduct a physical survey of the Leinkauf Historic district as well conduct meetings where residents can come to present their ideas and input on what infrastructure deficiencies should have priority to be repaired by the City of Mobile and/or by LHDNO.   A report from the CIC outlining and summarizing their findings will be prepared and submitted to the Board and the Membership. Upon approval by the Board and the Membership, the report will be submitted to the City of Mobile as a recommendation for the projects our neighborhood sees as most important to be considered for completion.



Below are some general descriptions with the duties and areas of responsibilities of the various committees now in existence. If you have any questions concerning any of the duties and what really happens and what is expected of you, please email leinkaufhdno@gmail.com.


Per the Bylaws


Standing Committees.


Standing committees are committees either created by the ByLauws or the Board of Directors that are ongoing year after year. It is usually the case that a Board Member is either Chairperson or Co-Chair of these committee as they are the most important committees in the Organization.


• Executive Committee

• Nominations and Elections Committee

• Publicity and Promotion Committee

• Membership and Social Committee

• Area Beautification Committee

• Audit Committee

• Finance and Planning Committee


1. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the

elected officers of the Organization. The Executive Committee shall conduct the

necessary business of the Organization between meetings of the Board and report its

action for approval to the next meeting of the Board. Meetings of the Executive

Committee may be called by the Chairman or upon written request of three members of the committee.


2. Nominations and Elections Committee. The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) shall consist of a Chairman appointed by the President and two members appointed by the majority vote of the


A. The primary purposes of the NEC will be to provide at least one qualified candidate for each

open position on the Board of Directors and to provide for the procedures of the process of

nomination and election.

B. The Board shall appoint the members of the NEC by no later than October 1 of each year.

C. No member of the NEC may be a current member of the Board or a candidate for the upcoming


D. The NEC shall present a report to the Board by no later than October 31 stipulating the

procedures and methods for nominations and elections as well creating the nomination forms.

E. The Board will by no later than November 10, meet to approve or amend the procedures and

methods for nominations and charge the NEC to proceed with its search of candidates.

F. The NEC will by November 20 communicate the procedures, methods, and important trigger

dates to the Full Membership along with the nomination form. The NEC will inform the

Membership of a date when nomination forms will be due back to the NEC.

G. The NEC will validate the eligibility of the candidates nominated.

H. At least 30 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting of the Full Membership, the NEC will

report to the Board the slate of Candidates,

I. The NEC will be responsible for distributing and receiving the ballots to and from the


J. The NEC will be responsible for tallying the results of the election and announcing the results to

the Membership at the Annual Meeting in January.

3. Publicity and Promotion Committee.

The Publicity and Promotion Committee shall be composed of a committee Chairman appointed by the

Executive Committee and such other members selected by the chairman of the committee. The Publicity

and Promotion Committee shall keep abreast of all current properties for sale in the area and actively

seek restorers and purchasers of same. The committee shall keep real estate agencies and the media

informed of available or desirable properties.


4. Membership and Social Committee. The Membership and Social Committee shall consist of the Secretary of the Organization as Chairman and such other members selected by the Secretary. The Membership and Social Committee shall keep a current list of all members of the organization and keep the members informed of meetings and of the events in the area and shall welcome new residents to the area and recruit and invite them to meetings and urge such new residents to become members of the organization.


5. Area Beautification Committee. The Area Beautification Committee shall be composed of a committee chairman appointed by the Executive Committee and such other members selected by the Chairman of the committee. The Area Beautification Committee shall actively promote the beautification of the properties in the area and actively seek the assistance of the Mobile City Council as to the maintenance and upkeep of streets and alleys in the area and coordinate with other public bodies in regard to area beautification.


6. Audit Committee.

At least one month prior to the Annual Meeting in January, the President shall appoint, with the approval of the Board of Directors, a committee of three (3) members to comprise an Audit Committee. These three members cannot be members of the Board of Directors. The

Committee's duties shall be to audit the Treasurer's books and financial records. The report of

the audit results shall be made to the Board prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. A copy of the report shall be given to each member of the Board of Directors and a copy for the permanent file kept by the Secretary. The Chairman of the Audit Committee shall report a summary of the Audit’s findings to the General Membership at or before the Annual Membership Meeting.


7. Finance and Planning Committee.

The Finance and Planning Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, shall be responsible for

preparing the Organization's Annual Budget which shall be presented no later than the

final meeting of the Board preceding the budget year. It shall assist the Treasurer in every

way possible and work with the other Committees and the Board on matters pertaining to

finances of the Organization. It shall develop and bring to the Board recommendations for short and long-term projects in which the Organization might engage to advance its purposes and raise funds. It shall be the recipient of the ideas and suggestions of any person or organization,member or non-member, who has an idea or project to propose. On the Board's

recommendation, an ad hoc committee shall be appointed to initiate action on the proposal.


6. General. Committee appointments shall be for no greater time than the remaining portion of the fiscal year. Committees shall hold meetings at such time as designated by the chairman or by the committee itself. Committee reports should be in writing. With the exception of the NEC and the Audit Committee, members of committees may be but need not be directors.