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What are by-laws

Important Sections

Amending Bylaws

Bylaws are the written rules by which LHDNO  is governed.


They set forth the structure of the board and the Organization. They determine the rights of participants and they determine the procedures by which rights can be exercised. In other words, bylaws guide the board in conducting business. Carefully crafted bylaws and adherence to them can help ensure the fairness of board decisions and provide protection against legal challenges.


Bylaws are a legal document. They protect member rights and outline the responsibilities of the governing board and officers.


The Bylaws define who can be a member of the organization, how board members and officers are elected, and clearly states the purpose of the organization.

Although all sections of the bylaws are important, some are more so than others.


Article II Purpose:

The puropse of LHDNO is basically two-fold. First is to enhance the quality of life for all members and residents. Second is to protect the historical structures within the Leinkauf District.


Article III Membership:

The membership section tells who can join, how to join and details voting rights.


Article V Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors are the nine individuals chosen by the Membership to run the organization. The Board in turn selects its Officers (see Article VI) who in turn appoint members to important committees (see Article VII).





The Bylaws may be amended


From time to time organizations find the need to make changes to their bylaws because situations change. LHDNO's bylaws may be amended and this process is outlined in Article X.