Board of Directors and Officers

The Board of Directors of LHDNO are responsible for the overall management of the Organization. As stated in the By-laws, "The property and affairs of the organization shall be managed , controlled and invested in a Board of Directors..."


The Board is elected by the Membership during the Annual Meeting of the Organization using a staggered term system. The By-laws call for there to be nine (9) Board Members representing nine (9) areas of Leinkauf. (Please note that currently, the Board is elected at large until the nine distinct areas are drawn and approved by the Board and the Membership.) Each board member is elected to a two year term with the 'Odd numbered' areas (1,3,5,7,9)  being elected to begin their terms in odd numbered years and the 'Even numbered' areas (2,4,6,8) being elected to begin their terms in even years.


Per the By-Laws, the Board is required to meet at least once every three months and is to report its proceedings to the full Membership. Below you will find the Agendas and Minutes for all Board Meetings.


The Officers of LHDNO, who make up the Executive Committee (EC), are elected by the Board of Directors at their Annual Meeting and serve a one year term. The EC is charged with handling the day to day operation of the Organization between board meetings.

Board Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Schedules

 The Board of Directors usually every 2 months to conduct the business of the organization between Full Membership meetings. The President attempts to  schedule a Board Meeting 5 days in advance unless it is an emergency.


To read the agenda and minutes of each Board meeting, click on the tabs above.

Meeting Agendas:

Here you will find the posted agendas sent out to each Board Member prior to a Board Meeting.


Agenda May 12, 2015

Agenda June 8, 2015

Agenda July 15, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Each time the Board meets, a detailed record of minutes is created by the Secretary and/or President that is approved by the full Board at the following meeting. Prior to approval, a draft version will be published here until the board makes final revisions and approves a final version.

Annual Board Meeting Minutes (O42315)

Board Minutes June 8, 2015

Board Minutes July 15, 2015 (draft)

Board Minutes Aug 26, 2015

Board Minutes Oct 27, 2015

Board Minutes Dec 8, 2015

Board Minutes Jan 20, 2016



2016 Annual Board Meeting Minutes(052516)