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Leinkauf Neighborhood


In its hundred years of existence, the Leinkauf neighborhood has seen many changes. Perhaps the best example of this is the school for which the district is named. Leinkauf School was built in 1904 to serve the westward moving population. In the 1990s the school suffered a devastating fire after being struck by lightening. The neighborhood rallied and rebuilt the school.


So too, the neighborhood itself is being revitalized as houses that were in poor condition are being restored. Restorations have revealed large recessed porches that had been enclosed. Walk through windows, once boarded up, are again part of the neighborhood's early 20th century architectural fabric.


Buildings in the neighborhood range in size from the graceful, small houses of Dexter Avenue to the elegant, grand homes of McDonald Avenue in Flo-Claire.


Centrally located in the heart of 'old' Mobile, Leinkauf is just minutes away from all the amenities urban life can offer. Going east on Government Street, you are just a 10 minute drive from downtown and the riverfront.  Here you will find restaurants, bars, theaters, fine hotels, shops, museums and Alabama's tallest and oldest skyscrapers full of corporate business offices. Ten minutes west on Government and Airport Boulevards you find the big box stores and malls. Within walking distance are grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, banks, parks,  and supply stores. An easy drive takes you to either Dauphin Island Beaches or the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Just a few minutes more and you are in Gulf Shores and Orange beach.


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Historic District



The Leinkauf Historic District is a historic district in the city of Mobile, Alabama, United States. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 24, 1987. It is roughly bounded by Government, Virginia, Ann, and Houston Streets.


The District was recently expanded on

the local level to almost doubling its size to contain approximately 750 structures. This was done following a poll of the neighborhood that overwhelmingly voted for Architectural Review Board protection. The buildings range in age from the 1820s to early 20th century and cover a variety of 19th and 20th century architectural styles.


Leinkauf Historic District surrounds Leinkauf Elementary School, the neighborhoods' namesake. Named for former educator W.H. Leinkauf, this school was built in 1903 as a one story, four classroom facility. Leinkauf School has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating school in the State of Alabama. Heavily damaged by fire in 1993, it was historically reconstructed and additional facilities were added to enlarge the campus. The school now encompasses roughly 2 city blocks.


Even though Leinkauf has a long border along Government Street, a lot of the Government Street mansions have disappeared due to early commercialization. Just behind those commercial properties is Mobile's best kept secret, Leinkauf Historic District. This wonderful neighborhood has beautiful historic homes that grace it's streets, with beautiful manicured yards and very friendly neighbors.


For more information about Mobile's historical districts, click here for the Mobile Historical Development Commission website.


Historic District

Neighborhood Organization (LHDNO)


The Leinkauf Neighborhood Association, a precursor of the Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization LHDNO, was founded in 1992 by several Leinkauf residents with the twofold purpose of the preservation of historical structures and to promote a high quality of life for all Leinkauf Residents.


Through two plus decades, the neighborhood group has evolved just as Leinkauf itself has evolved. In its current incarnation, LHDNO, still pursues   preservation and quality of life,  but with a greater focus on issues such as safety, property values and community development. In 2014, new By-Laws were written leading to the election of a nine member Board of Directors and a new optimistic outlook on how the neighborhood group could make some definitive, impactful, and positive changes in Leinkauf.


The major goal of LHDNO is to reach out to all Leinkauf residents, from Houston to Ann to Virginia to Government and all the streets and avenues in between. The expansion of the membership to represent more of the neighborhoods is crucial if LHDNO is to be successful in achieving its mission of purpose.


Participation of the vast majority of residents will make it possible to protect the historical nature of the neighborhood and make it possible to grow into the future along with Mobile.


Find out how you as a Leinkauf Resident can make a difference by becoming a MemberJoin Us! It's your Leinkauf!