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The Annual Meeting of the Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization (LHDNO) was held January 26, 2017 for the purpose of electing a new board of directors. Although some familiar names remain, new board members were also inducted and new officers were elected. Here are the results:


The 2017 Board of Directors


Carol Adams-Davis

Harold Bolton

Joe Mahoney

Betty Leslie

Pam Irby

Terry Stanfield

Ed Barry

David Knowles

David Menaker


2017 Officers


Ed Barry--President

Harold Bolton--Vice President

David Knowles--Treasurer

Pam Irby-- Co-Secretary

Carol Adams-Davis--Co-Secretary



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What is LEAP?

LEAP is the Leinakuf Elementary Arts Project, an after-school program where Leinkauf area kids participate in art programs such as the visual arts, music, dance, and theatre. LHDNO partnered with the Leinkauf Elementary School and received a federal grant of $150,000  each year for 3 years to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) courses with the goal of inspiring students to learn. Our neighborhood is sponsoring the arts portion called LEAP by raising funds to sustain and enlarge the program after federal funding runs out or falls short. For more information about LEAP, visit our LEAP page where you can make a tax-deductible donation or volunteer your time and talents.


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